Our Story

Our Story

Form Ⅴ Chocolates is a hand-crafted and hand-painted, artisan chocolate company specializing in boutique style bon bons with unique flavors.

Scott Hasemeier is the master mind behind the company. His love of all things food started at a very young age. His grandfather was a fine dining chef in Chicago and provided the inspiration for Scott’s future career path. He went on and graduated from California Culinary Academy in San Francisco in 1997.

In San Francisco, he met the love of his life who took him around the world on her adventures through the Army. Through their many moves, Scott has worked at many world renowned restaurants such as Stars Bar and Dining in San Francisco, Citronelle and Restaurant Nora in Washington DC, and The Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas.

Scott has been classically trained in French cuisine, but became fascinated with the art of chocolates. He has been researching and creating specialized bon bons over the last couple years and thus begins the new adventure.

Cocoa butter can crystallize into any one of six different forms. The most desirable form is Form V, the beta crystal, which gives chocolate that much desired shiny complexion. It is this form of cocoa butter that Form V Chocolates strives to attain, in order to provide our customers with the most luxurious chocolate available.

Find us at:
  • Jack Hadden Florist
  • Hollyfield Design
  • Pine Scone Cafe
  • Pinehurst Olive Oil Company
  • The Corner Store